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Our Painting And Exterior Services

As seasoned professionals, Victor Painting has been the leading painting company in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Southern Maine. We offer every service you need in terms of painting, maintaining, and restoring. Our projects result in unbeatable quality and all at an affordable price.

Exterior House Painting

Beautiful, long-lasting paint starts with a flawless surface to work on. Paint and primer could only do so much if the surface isn’t a suitable canvas. And so to achieve this we:


  • Remove chipping paint and rusty surfaces and then proceed with sanding the area until smooth
  • Clean the surface without a trace of mold and dirt for better application of primer
  • Mend any caulking problems or any potential gap problems with elastomeric sealant


Interior Painting

Interior painting is one of the easiest yet drastic ways to make your house look like it’s brand-new. A simple color change can mean the biggest change in your mood and space perception. It’s a change that is sure to improve and enhance the rest of your home.


  • Furniture and other items will be covered, relocated away, and then put back into their original positions after painting.
  • Imperfect surfaces will be sanded and spackled for a better, even application.
  • Most importantly, anything not to be painted is kept free of paint. 


Pressure Washing and Maintenance

Fungus remains to be one of the main problems that plague houses today. It’s essential that mildew and mold are eliminated and prevented to prolong the foundation of your house.


  • Exterior clapboards and trim are washed either by chemical or power wash, leaving them cleaner than they would be if cleaned manually.
  • We offer affordable maintenance and prevention for exterior surfaces according to your house’s specific needs.


Deck Restoration

Decks make the perfect haven during the summer time when all we want to do is relax and soak up the sun. However, they do require regular maintenance to ensure that its structure is in tact and it’s not as easily subjected to “wear-and-tear”. There are no exceptions when it comes to damage due to the weather, fungus, and insects. 

  • We offer basic maintenance, such as repairing and preventing wood from warping, as well as aesthetic improvements. 


Commercial Painting Services

During our many years in the professional painting industry, we have made our top priority to be our clients and specifically catering our skills to their concerns. We wouldn’t have been in business for so long if it weren’t for them. To sum up what we provide, we focus on


  • Supplying you with high-quality service while still being affordable
  • Offering a variety of services for you to choose from and maintaining efficiency
  • Targeting your main concerns and requirements by careful evaluations of  your painting needs

Exterior Painting

The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior. Regularly maintaining a good condition evokes a certain air that makes you just want to say “Wow!” Many benefits come with a beautiful exterior such as an increase in home value. It’s essential to take care of all aspects of your home and not neglecting the exterior.

Interior Painting

We do almost everything in our home. We eat, we sleep, we entertain. The list goes on. It only makes sense that the place we spend the most time in looks good and also makes us feels good. The interior of our home is a reflection of the state of how its inhabitants are feeling. Therefore, a simple change in color can directly influence your feelings for the better. So if you feel you need a change or you just want to make your house look brand-new, consider us for interior painting.

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We specialize in small, mid-size, and large commercial painting projects. Our work is performed and supervised by certified professionals with several decades of experience. Insured and bonded, the Victor Painting Company makes the right choice for your residential or commercial painting project, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Ready for a new look? Victor Painting is ready to help you explore all the possibilities.