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Jul 1, 2012

Deck 101

It’s summertime! It’s finally time to take off layers of sweaters and bring out those T-shirts and flip-flops. It’s time to soak in the warmth of the sun and spend our time outdoors whenever we can before fall starts again. So you go outside to your deck ready for a barbecue party and you see a disaster.

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The paint has faded and started chipping and the wood has slowly deteriorated since last summer. It’s so bad that just tearing it all down is better than trying to fix it up.

Now don’t lose hope, this is just a natural process of wood being exposed to the weather. From the heat, snow, and rain, wood experiences a thing called “warping”. This means the shape changes depending on its absorption of water or lack of water, resulting in a worn-out look. For example, changes in humidity and temperature cause it to twist or split. Some woods are pressure-treated, meaning that chemicals have been administered so as to preserve it for a longer time. But it’s still susceptible to warping if not coated properly. Also, over time the chemicals will damage the screws and nails that connect the deck together. Therefore, warping is inevitable and can only be prevented by regular maintenance. With regular check-ups, we assure you that your deck is strong and safe to use.

Weather isn’t the only thing that damages wood; insects and fungus can cause it too. Termites are the most popular ones and they can seriously destroy the structure and strength of wood. Other insects that are less severe than termites include carpenter ants, powder post beetles, and carpenter bees. These often affect only a small area and may cause harmless-looking damages, but it will still contribute to rotting.

In conclusion, many variables affect the structure and strength of a deck. Regular maintenance and proper prevention is the ideal solution for its longevity. Did you know the average life of a deck is from ten to fifteen years? We’ll help you preserve it so that all you have to do is just relax and enjoy the summertime.

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